Diamond Life International Lighting Group Ltd., a leading specialist in the field of Decorative Lighting, renowned for its exceptional quality.


Diamond Life was first established in Hong Kong 1979. “Base in Hong Kong, back up by Mainland China and facing the World” is always the core of its development strategy. For more than 40 years, the company achieves rapid development in all directions. Diamond Life as a leading multinational lighting specialist, had headquartered in Hong Kong, with manufacturing bases in China, the Philippines and the United States. Diamond Life operates Sales & Marketing Centers in Hong Kong, Dongguan and Guzhen in China as well as Dallas and Las Vegas in the United States. As the pioneer and pedigree in the industry, Diamond Life Group has over 30 years of rich experience in design and manufacture of high quality lighting fixtures. Diamond Life is a handful of enterprises who owned a completely production chain within the industry. With over 30 years of cooperation history with Swarovski, the company is also proud to be the first Swarovski Elements Co-Branding Partner in Asia.


Diamond Life International Lighting Group’s Design Team consists of more than 100 experienced designers, who had gained decades of experience through intensive development as well as partnership with leading architects and interior designers to participate in various numbers of significant projects. Diamond Life’s Research & Development headquarter located in Las Vegas, USA and domestically. Diamond Life’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities consist of area over 88,000 square meters of floor spaces and employs more than 2,000 skilled artisans and engineers. The facility had the world's most advanced equipment including ultra-modern laser cutting equipment. Diamond Life’s lighting fixtures can be found in more than 100 countries, over 1,000 renowned hotels and distinguished architectural projects, such as the Atlantis Dubai in Palm Island, The Venetian Hotel and Casino Las Vegas in United States, The Langham Hotel in United Kingdom.


With its strong capabilities, superior metal casting & processing techniques, faultless craftsmanship in plating & finishing lead Diamond Life to achieve 3C, CE, UL, CAS, GS, SASO and ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. As well as "China Quality Top 500", "Chinese Renowned Brand", "China Famous Product", "Famous Brand in Asia", "China's Quality AAA+ Enterprise" and many other honors.


Diamond Life International Lighting Group operates market leading ultra-luxurious crystal chandelier brand - OLANIES, and high-end crystal chandelier brand – Renaissance. The two brands operate hundreds of dedicated lighting showrooms throughout China, and had become the leading brands in the marketplace. In 2010, the Group also acquired the U.S. based forge iron fixtures manufacturer – KALCO, which provides an integrated platform for the world lighting industry to exchange knowledge!


Continuously, Diamond Life will keep working closely with customers all over the world and develop products to meet the demand of various markets. Position itself as "World's Leading Lighting Specialist", aim at participate in global scale to create the world's best lighting brand!


Diamond Life, Dedication Invites Confidence, Quality Light Entire World.





Time flies. Diamond Life was born and has been growing for 40 years already. During these years, we have worked hard to seize opportunities for growth and to achieve leapfrog development. Today, Diamond Life is a dynamic organization in process of transitioning into a global powerhouse. As I reflect on the hardships and Joys that we have endured through this journey to this moment of great achievements – our primetime, I would like to thank everyone for their concern and support over the years, and thank all the shareholders for their trust. I also wish to thank each of Diamond Life employee for their hard work and efforts to strive continuously to make new progress.


It is said that a Hero is nothing but a product of his time. Faced with increasingly competitive market in a globally developing economic climate, Diamond Life has persevered to cultivate a culture of passion to perfect the ‘Art’ of making decorative lighting. Our strategic goal of positioning Diamond Life as “World’s leading Lighting Specialist” is continually served as we pursue our globalization plans with focus on providing the best lighting solutions for our customers in a win-win situation.


Looking backward, we never stop innovation to persistent struggle; looking forward, we accumulate steadily and full of confidence. Diamond Life group is on the way to be the World’s Best Decorative Lighting Brand.





For more than 40 years we dedicated in the decorative lighting industry. With decades of lighting manufacturing experience enhance Diamond Life Group to proudly participated in thousands of significant projects worldwide. We earn the trust from our excellent quality.

Dedication Invites Confidence, Quality Light Entire World.


We provide opportunity for each of our team members to growth together with our enterprise. We responsible to our shareholders and actively participate in various charitable activities in support to our community. We strive to create value for our customers, Together to creating the legend and dazzling vivid future, by providing industry most exquisite technology, most outstanding culture, and the highest level of distinguished life to people who full of fervent through lighting.



Diamond Life has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “keep trust forever”, the relentless pursuit of excellence providing customer-centric solutions. Diamond Life’s team member’s integrity and pragmatic widely acclaimed in the industry.


We continuous innovation in the aspects of strategy, brand, products, management and service,

We make unremitting efforts for the development of the lighting industry.


Win-Win Cooperation

Diamond Life Group always implement the objective to "Make High-Quality Lighting with Hearts", strategically positioning ourselves to be the "World's Leading Lighting Specialist". we actively invigorate our globalization strategy which focus on providing the best solution in decorative lighting field for our sociality, industry and customers to achieve a win-win situation!





Six Milestones


First Milestones(1979—1984)

Diamond Life Lighting Manufacturing Ltd. was established in Hong Kong, 1979. In 1982, the company foresight and realized the potential of Mainland China and set up its own factory and founded its subsidiary; Dongguan Diamond Life Lighting Manufacturing Ltd. Diamond Life was among the earliest investors who producing crystal decorated light fixture with 24K gold plating in Mainland China and also the first to establish a lighting factory in Guangdong area.


Second Milestones(1984—1990)

To ensure the company’s development and be a part of the rapid growth of the worldwide market, Diamond Life created rang of products and services to ensure the company’s continued success. Diamond Life was working closely with our business partners worldwide to understand the global standards through the sharing of technology. Diamond Life had been one of the most important OEM & ODM manufacturers of lighting products. Diamond Life was thoroughly changed by the experience.


Third Milestones(1990—2000)

The investments in Research & Development are the new focus for development. Other than regular OEM manufacturing for European and American customers, Diamond Life believe this is the most effective way to overcome the challenges faced in the industry. Diamond Life is committed to world class quality, our comment to quality can be seen through our certifications of ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification, 3C, CE, UL, CAS, and GS etc.


Forth Milestones(2000—2005)

In the new century, to take advantage of globalization, Diamond Life has proactively worked to be at the forefront. Diamond Life has adopted the diversification strategy. It had successfully expanded both domestic and overseas markets. Diamond Life with over 20 years of cooperation history with Swarovski, in 2005, the company is proud to be the first Swarovski Elements Co-Branding Partner in Asia.


Fifth Milestones(2005—2010)

During this period, Diamond Life had gained decades of experience through intensive development as well as partnership with leading architects and designers to participate in various number s of significant projects. Diamond Life Group operates market leading ultra-luxurious crystal chandelier brand - OLANIES, and high-end crystal chandelier brand – Renaissance. The two brands are operating countless dedicated lighting showrooms throughout China, and had already become the leading brands in the marketplace.


Sixth Milestones(2010—Now)

Diamond Life integrates its high quality resources, comprehensively adjusts its corporate structure and established Diamond Life International Lighting Group. In 2010, the Group acquired the U.S. based forge iron fixtures manufacturer – KALCO and freshly created a high end crystal Chandelier brand – ALLEGRI in 2011. The company successfully connected China and the World! In the second decade of the new century, Diamond Life is positioning itself as "The World's Leading Lighting Specialists” and actively promotes itself in the global marketplace to become the world's best lighting brand! Being an industry leader is something deeply ingrained in Diamond Life.




Diamond Life International Lighting Group Ltd.

Diamond Life Lighting Manufacturing (HK) Ltd.

Diamond Lighting Ltd.
Diamond Life Lighting Contract & Hospitality Ltd.
Dongguan Diamond Life Lighting Manufacturing Ltd.
Dongguan Humen Diamond Life Manufacturing Ltd.
Dongguan Humen Wan Li Plating & Polishing Factory Ltd.
Zhongshan Diamond Life Lighting Ltd.
Olanies Lighting Ltd.
Renaissance Lighting Ltd.

Diamond Life (USA) Lighting Holdings Ltd.

Kalco Lighting Limited (USA)
Kalco Lighting Inc.
Allegri Crystal Inc.
Kalco Contract & Hospitality Inc.
Kalco Kitchen & Bath Inc.







Strong Cooperation, Achieving Allying Brilliance

SWAROVSKI®, the world's leading crystal manufacturer, with history over two centuries is reputed for its unsurpassed products quality with excellent quality, brilliant appearance and highest precision.

Diamond Life Group, a leading specialist in the field of Decorative Lighting industry, renowned for its exceptional quality. Diamond Life was first established in Hong Kong, 1979, is one of the first to invest in Mainland China to produce 24K gold-plated crystal chandelier. The company is renowned for its exquisite metal cutting, plating and superior craftsmanship, leaving its trade mark within many famous buildings in the world.

As leading enterprises, Diamond Life and SWAROVSKI® have cooperated for over 20 years. The long-term cooperation relationship has consolidated the recognition of each other and achieved mutual development through communication and expansion. In 2005, the two companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement by which Diamond Life became the first SWAROVSKI® Elements Co-Branding Partner in Asia, this marry the perfect metal craftsmanship and the top quality crystal to form the best brilliant products.



SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes and sizes, these elements have been the designers’ choice since the founding of the company in 1895. SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS provide a fabulous palette of inspiration for designers in the worlds of fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design and in the lighting industry.

A creative partner across the design spectrum

As the appeal of crystal broadens, designers explore new expressions of creativity in all these spheres and more. To celebrate the unlimited uses to which crystal is put, SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS has launched exciting, one-off initiatives to the delight of audiences worldwide. Amongst these are the “22 Ways to Say Black” exhibition, the “Wedding” project, “SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS at work”, and “World Jewelry Facet” bringing together some of the most exciting personalities in design to display unique creations, all glittering with crystal.

SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS “Ingredient Brand Partner Program”

SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS promotes “Ingredient Brand Partner Program” to all trades and professions. Qualified retail brands which become our Ingredient brand partners can use the premium ingredient brand “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS” to largely increase product value and business potential. This premium ingredient brand label or description serves as a certificate of authenticity. It marks products which are made with genuine SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.
Please go to http://brand-partner.swarovski-elements.com/ to immediately experience the ingredient brand partner online verification system in Greater China.


Swarovski brand and products are registered and protected by law.
The unauthorized use of Swarovski trademark, reproduction or distribution of infringing Swarovski products is illegal, and can be subject to prosecution.
SWAROVSKI® is the registered trademark of Swarovski.


ZANETTI murano


Oscar Zanetti runs ZANETTI murano, established in 1956 by his grandfather. The company has a reputation for artistic quality and is one of the most prestigious "furnaces" on Murano. Another of Oscar's ancestors, Abbott Zanetti, founded The Museo del Vetro (Museum of Glass). Oscar began working with glass at fourteen and attended the Instituto D' Arte in Venice.


Like many apprentices, he started out as an assistant or "serventino" and ultimately achieved the status of Maestro in 1989. His technique was perfected when he worked with other prestigious studios in Murano (Venini La Murrina and Barovier & Toso), before joing the family business. Oscar Zanetti exhibits in many international shows, in Paris, London, And Monaco. Recently he also took part in one of the most famous Venetian expositions, the “Venezia Vetro Aperto" in the New Emerging Glass Artistic sect ion.


He inherited his father's artistic talent, which he expresses through the ancient glass techniques of Murano (Calcedonio and Massello) as well as through new techniques invented in the furnace itself. He has a predilection for naturalistic subjects all executed rigo rously by hand, in the best tradition of the great masters of Murano



RCR Cristalleria Italiana

Made in Italy


CALP (Cristalleria Artistica La Piana) is one of the world leading manufacturers of crystal products from Italy, with series of excellence quality products.


RCR Cristalleria Italiana is a brand of CALP. Its product represent the company exquisite quality. Rests in the best production process at every stage with sophisticated machinery and equipment, strict control of quality control, to ensure that all finished product are with high quality standards.


Pure bright crystal, coupled with a high degree of resistance and plasticity, making it more suitable for cutting engraved designs processing. Especially CALP have the best crystal engraver, co-ordination with Italian young and creative designers. RCR crystal reinterpret ancient traditional technology, create are with innovative, mystery and sense of design for consumer around the world.


Located in Italy's Tuscan region, RCR crystal is a world leader in the field of crystal manufacturing. Crystal manufacturing was dominated by the tradition and historical for several centuries, RCR in nearly 40 years has been in a pivotal position in the Italian domestic and international markets. In the Colle di val d', Elsa's factory production accounted for 15 percent of world production, 90 percent of exports from Italy.





For more than hundred years, OSRAM is known for its excellent in light source. Today, OSRAM has become one of the world's two leading light source manufacturers. OSRAM, with headquartered in Munich, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens.

OSRAM's customers located in nearly 150 countries and regions around the world. With innovative lighting technology and solutions, OSRAM has continually to develop new product for artificial light source, the products are widely used in public places, offices, factories, families, and automotive lighting field.


As one of the world's most innovative lighting company, OSRAM has a number of the world's leading patent, many world famous projects had selected OSRAM lighting source and solutions. From the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101, to the world’s luxuries Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai; from Sydney Olympic Stadium in 2000, to Munich World Cup Allianz Arena in 2006; from the solemn Tiananmen Square in Beijing, to the modern architecture in Sweden Malmo rotation Building ... Osram lighting products shine in them.




Philips Lighting department, the global lighting market leader with professional technology. Expertise in development, manufacture and application of innovative lighting solutions.

Philips leadership, innovation, constantly looking for new market opportunities. Philips Lighting sector R&D thorough understanding of human needs, desires and aspirations, and try to improve people's lives with effective and attractive lighting solutions. It expects that all stakeholders will be recognized as leading the trend in the lighting industry, and business partners, but also a responsible corporate citizen, to contribute to the sustainable development of society.








Enterprise Cultural : Honesty, Responsibility, Innovation, Cooperation
Enterprise Spirit : Dare to be the Pioneers, Pursuit for Excellence
Diamond Life's Principle : Quality First with Top Service
Management Concept : Respect Customers, Creating Value for Client
Respect Employees : Create Opportunities for Staff

Operating Direction : Basis on Talents, Top Technology, Market Guided, Management for Real
Operating Purposes :  Unity and Cooperate, Develop Together
Employees Creed : Integrity, Mutual Aid, Enterprising, Innovation, Dedication


Excellent enterprise must have brilliant corporate culture and management system!

In 30 years, Diamond Life Group always pay attention to the accumulation of its enterprise management culture. With the notion of "Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, Cooperation", guide employee to share their vision and ideal with the company, to realize their own value while achieving the strategy goal of the enterprise. These cultivate an innovative technical team which able to mastery a modern enterprise and provide the infinite power of design, production, research and development.


There is no end in management, as the leader in the lighting industry, Diamond Life Group applying a systemize management system to managing two wholly owned subsidiaries, six management centers and fifteen functional departments. The daily complex production and sales tractions are managed successfully applying 7S day to day management concept, with ERP system monitoring the entire work flow process, all detail are complied.


Diamond Life personnel’s hard working attitude is widely recognized, the enterprise has awarded "Chinese Renowned Brand", "China Quality Top 500", "China Famous Product", “Most Influential Brand of the Industry” "China Building Industry Decorative Lighting Products Top Ten", "Lighting Industry's Annual Product Champion Crystal Chandelier" and other honors.





Social Responsibility


For more than 40 years, Diamond Life Group has always been focusing on the interaction between enterprises, customers, employees and society. Together we will build a new chapter for the lighting industry.

Our responsibility and obligation:

Provide room For employees to growth
Generate value for customers
Development space for the company to create
Create light for the community