Diamond Life welcome your joining


In Diamond Life, enterprises will guide the employee occupation career planning and professional development. Staff into the enterprise in the beginning, will experience the work needed in general knowledge, skills and occupation quality training. In addition to post business related training, will also participate in cross departmental training programs, thereby fully familiar with the business, in-depth understanding of Diamond Life's history and culture.


In Diamond Life occupation career, the staff will have the opportunity to and from the business sector professionals to work together with colleagues, superiors, full of knowledge exchange, may participate in the organization of various internal training or go out to study, at the same time, to encourage staff to higher education; enterprises to carry out rotation, rotation and key position competition system, let the staff in a number of jobs, improving their ability to work, become compound talents, to adapt to changing social environment of competition.


Diamond Life thinks: staff development is the cornerstone of enterprise development, matter to an enterprise whether to provide the high quality service in market competition and gain lasting first-mover advantage, therefore, Po Fai hopes to help employees find realize personal ideals and values and the enterprises to realize the healthy and rapid development of the balance between the points, so that employees and the viewpoint of value of the enterprise unified, harmonious development.





1. we provide a beautiful environment of the staff living area, dormitory area living facilities equipped: restaurant, bar, library, clinic, recreation room, basketball court, and other goods are available in all varieties.


2. A full-time security staff dormitory administrator, professional management and safety inspection, safety intimate and thoughtful management allows you to remove any menace from the "rear".


3. Corporate culture activity rich and colorful, annual dinner, outstanding staff award, annual lottery, year-end bonus, incentive travel benefits for you caring.




Personal development

Company provides employees for personal traits, interest and occupation career development education and training services (including job skills training, corporate culture training, computer training, outdoor development etc.), each year the company organization and good performance, to contribute to the company 's business out of learning and study, accept, short-term training, in order to open employee view, the growth experience. All employees can participate in the internal recruitment, the company “ internal competition, preferred employ ” for the principle, for the majority of the staff to provide a good occupation promotion and development opportunities.


Solemnly declared: the company does not charge any fees. Please vast number of job seekers know!