Diamond Life Lighting Manufactory (HK) Ltd, a subsidiary of Diamond Life International Lighting Group Ltd, has 41 years experience of lighting design and manufacturing in extensive engineering. With advanced technology, superb craftsmanship and excellent quality, it’s lighting fixtures can be found in more than 100 countries, over 1,000 renowned hotels and distinguished architectural projects, such as Atlantis the Palm Hotel & Resort in Dubai; The Palazzo by The Venetian Resort Hotel Caino in Las Vegas; The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas; The Langham London, UK; The Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Singapore; Grand Hyatt Doha, Qatar; The Great Hall of the People- Reception Hall, Beijing; The Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing; The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Macau; Sands Macau; Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong; Kempinski Hotel, Shenzhen; Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay, Hainan. Diamond Life, with innovation and breakthroughs in 41 years of brilliant performance, has laid a solid foundation in the industry.









OLANIES - a Diamond Life Group's Leader Crystal Lighting brand,which all are using Swarovski elements crystal. The exquisitely carved craft – passed through 100 production processes and 22 product quality testing procedures,utterly monitored production chain and advanced technology embellished Swarovski crystal,achieved seven stars quality and a great reputation of seven stars life.It also illuminated more than 100 countries and regions、over 1000 signature hotels and renowed architectural project.









VENICE - a Diamond Life Group's Humanities Crystal Chandelier brand. To pursuit the perfection, the structural beauty、artistic beauty、technical beauty and optical beauty of Venice, all followed the artistic idea in Venice movement. Light of Humanity Shine for Centuries!









Diamond Life with superb carving craft、ingenious techniques, upplemented by modern scientific technology, to create a more perfect seven stars crystal lights, and achieve the moment of luxury and glory !








Diamond Life Group adhere to “Building lights with heart”, devote themselsves to doing a good jod in every light,and produce lights with the spirit of sureness、concentration、diligence.Diamond Life's lighting had passes through the processes of design research、metal cutting、painting and so on,to creat the ultimate beauty of the crystal lamps. 









The dragon light with an optic angle of optic artistry and the most simple lines,which is a artistic light specially designed for the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing,imaginatively showed the artistic charm of nobility 、elegance and solemnity in the Imperial Palace. Each fixtures with 41 years of manufacturing advantage, passes through 100 production process,spend 365 days on building,has a collection of lighting art,highlight Chinese culture charm,through time and space,shining the past and the present. 








RuYiTianXi – a Olanies's crytal lighting masterpiece in Chinese noble style,which deeply inspired by Chinese traditional culture of auspice.It uses  “Lucky thing comes with crowing magpie” in China to deliver a good meaning of auspice and having both happiness and wealth. Each fixtures with top fittings of imported Iran jade which has been selected、24K Glod Plated finish and so on,present aesthetics in China style and the implicit beauty. God craved! A classical collection! 










GuangMingYuLu - a Olanies's crytal lighting masterpiece in classical and luxurious style, which deeply inspired by blossoms with hanging dew,means “Fortune comes with blooming flowers”. It was such a big seller in the world since the etalishment of DL group, and lasted forever. Its exquisite technology、ingenious design and good cultural connotation made it to be a representative of lighting art.









Hot glass blowing is an ancient glass forming technology, which is mastered by the ancient Egyptians who can blow a variety shapes of glass products as early as the 1000 BC. And then, Romans have learned this technique, and transmit to the whole western Europe during the process of conquest. Today, DL group follows thousands of years ancient technology, applies the magical craft of hot glass blowing to manufacturing crystal lighting. The master craftsmen with superb skills,give the life to glass product during manufacturing,and show the brilliance of the time again.